Self-driving cars will make you a millionaire

or at least feel like one! ;)

The iPhone was just showed to the world 10 years ago and the world has not been the same since. I brought it through my uncle in the USA and unlocked it to work in Denmark. Everything has changed, everybody has a smartphone now and everything can now be done from a small computer in your pocket. It has no doubt made us more connected and made a lot of things easier to get, but it has not made us all millionaires yet! Things still are cheaper than 10 years ago but not a lot, electronics are cheaper, but Moore's law is beginning to fail us! But I believe that Self-driving cars will be as revolutionary if not bigger than the smartphone. Here is what I think is going to happen!

Everyday items will be cheaper

A lot of the cost of the things we buy is the transport when you buy something whether it is in your local shop or on the internet, transport is a slow and costly affair. Self-driving cars do not cost 1/10th as much to have run as a deliveryman so it will cost your near zero to have something delivered to you.

Housing will be a lot cheaper

You can already get a lot of really cheap and fantastic houses today with some of the best views, the only downside is that they are really far away from the city and where all the jobs are, it will basically take too long to commute each day to work! But with self-driving cars you can sleep in your car and wake up right at your workplace. Public transport would never be able to compete.

Why pay overprice to live really close to the city when you can live 1 hour away in a nice spacious cheap house and then own a self-driving car to drive you to work.

With self-driving cars the question also come up, why even own a house or an apartment, you can just live in your car? You would not need to pay any property taxes and the self-driving car could just constantly drive you around while you sleep and this way to you never have to park somewhere it would be illegal.

There will be less air traffic

Why even bother going to the airport and go through difficult air security that is still regulated heavy? Why sit tightly squeezed together in an airplane seat if you could sit comfortably reclined in a self-driving car? Airplanes also consume a lot of fuel to get you in the air so why go by airplane if you don’t need to go to another continent? Your carbon footprint will be so much lower by going to by electric self-driving car.

Tourisme will flower up

You will be able to go on more vacations and see more things, you don’t have to be awake and drive yourself on car vacations, you can basically go to sleep in the car with you skis packed down with you and next morning wake up at the foot of the ski lift. We will experience a freedom like no other generation, we will be able to experience so much more, but it will force us to think more about culture and borders, because what is borders when you can believe so freely around for no money?

It all sounds amazing, when will all this happen?

There is so much money involved in transport, it is a trillion dollar industry worldwide, the first to solve this efficiently will be able to earn so much money that it will be worth it being the first provider. A lot of different companies are fighting to be the first to provide this but we a no doubt going to see a lot of different providers specializing in different types of self-driving cars.

Uber is already testing self-driving taxi’s in San Francisco and Google has just recently made its self-driving research division into its own company called Waymo. I bet that we will see wide market adoption in less than 5 years from now, that means by the year 2022 will self-driving cars be available and some of these points above will start to see its effect.

The future of self-driving is going to be amazing!

And in 5 years I can either laugh or cry when I read this 😂

/Kevin Simper

What do you think will happen with self-driving cars? I would really like to hear in the comments!

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I really like building stuff with React.js and Docker and also Meetups ❤

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