My new job at Connected Cars

After my previous experience of creating a company that did not work out and three months in South America, I have been looking for my next opportunity. There is no doubt a lot of companies looking for help in Copenhagen, which is why I love the city. If you have the time, you can look for the right opportunity that interests and also fits you!

I have been thinking about self-driving cars and what it can bring. A little more than 4,5 years ago I wrote about how I think the world would look like in 2022 and how I did not think about we would get self-driving cars before 2030. In those 4,5 years a lot have changed, Tesla has live self-driving cars on the road (October 15, 2015) at this moment and the first commercial self-driving truck has delivered it goods. That is unbelievably how quick that happened!

What an exciting world we live in!

This leads us to today, where I have started working in a danish company called Connected Cars which is a new division of the Semler Concern. They want to make cars more intelligent, but the difference here is that Semler already has a lot of cars on the road already, because Semler has sold one-fourth of all cars on the danish roads today. That made me super interested because that gives Connected Cars a huge headstart in distribution, something that is always super difficult in new companies; “how do you get your product out?”, but that have been solved! So that challenge left standing is, make a super great product that people want to use!

That is not an easy task, just because you have access to a lot of cars and customers, does not mean they will like what you make unless you make something they care about! There will be a lot of concern about privacy and security. That is my job together with four other really awesome colleagues to make!

The roadmap to build

The first plan is to give the customers a better experience of owning a car. Owning a car is a great expense and you depend upon it every day to get to work, so the more time it spends at service getting fixed, the more trouble it makes. We can by connecting the car to the internet with a dongle, see exactly what is wrong with the car before it even gets to the mechanic, something that is not possible today. If the mechanic knows exactly what is wrong, he can prioritize and fix your car and other cars much quicker, and that is just the start of what we are going to build!

What if your car needs to be fixed and instead of you taking half a day of work or staying home, could get a replacement car delivered to your home and when your car is fixed, delivered back to your house? And this is not a problem to be solve in 5 years but right next year!

There are so many things we can do and because cars are such a big thing in our every day, there is so much value to deliver! The company have super high ambitious and we have a deadline April next year (that is soon! 😱), so there is a lot of work to do! 😅 Better get started!


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I really like building stuff with React.js and Docker and also Meetups ❤

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