• Don’t include $ because that is seen as a bash variable even if you wrap your string in double quotes, it only works if escaped by single quotes.
  • Single and double quotes, just annoying to escape
  • Exclamation mark
  • Backslash
  • Number sign #
    Editors in general thinks everything after is a comment
  • Equal signs
    Generally okay, as they are part of base64 etc., but try to avoid it as it is generally something with equality

If you are using web components with LitElement for example, and then you try to use document.querySelector and it doesn’t find anything in the document, but you can clearly see it in the developer tools. Super annoying and then you search for “document.querySelector web components” and no good results come…

Kevin Simper

I really like building stuff with React.js and Docker and also Meetups ❤

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