47 simple javascript apps you can make in a day

  1. a kitchen timer
  2. a map of your favorite things in the city
  3. a playlist of your favorite music
  4. a calendar with your memories to remember
  5. a photo gallery of your best images
  6. a hangman game
  7. a calculator
  8. a canvas drawing app
  9. a funny soundboard
  10. a recipe multiplier
  11. a ludo game
  12. a encrypt/descrypt message app
  13. a browser text-to-speech app
  14. a random list picker
  15. a training program maker
  16. a birthday card maker
  17. a math game
  18. a travel planner
  19. an image instagram filter
  20. a blackjack game
  21. a note taking app
  22. a world clock
  23. a stop watch
  24. a favorite gadget list
  25. a weight tracker
  26. a newsfeed reader
  27. a graph maker
  28. a contact database
  29. a font book
  30. a family tree
  31. a markdown editor
  32. a lix calculator
  33. a financial planner
  34. a image puzzle game
  35. a christmas countdown
  36. a browser controlling a iframe
  37. a currency converter
  38. a travel time calculator
  39. a color picker
  40. a chat interface
  41. a html editor
  42. a interactive audio book
  43. a maze game
  44. a world flag list
  45. a solar system overview
  46. a travel packing list
  47. a secret diary

This was just what I could come up with by thinking, without search or anything! Try it yourself and see if you can come up with other small apps that can be made solely in the browser and with either hardcoded or localstorage as a data storage.

Do you have any other app ideas, please write them below! Would love to hear!

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I really like building stuff with React.js and Docker and also Meetups ❤

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