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10 ways to improve Docker Hub Search

There is a big need for a better docker hub search! The reason is that it takes to long to find docker images that are not officials. So here are 10 ways that Docker Hub search could be improved:


This is pretty vital as an old image means that the software inside the image has not been updated either! A 7-month-old docker image is not something you want to use!

This can mean everything, both in terms of size since the Alpine baseimage is significantly smaller than others but also if you are more used to one distro than others, you want familiarity.

The quality images tend to have more tags, so if you could see how many tags it has or even what tags it has, that would be a great way which image to look at.


Let me see how the “:latest” dockerfile looks, because this way I can easily determine if it is the right docker image for me. Both because I know what kind of packages I generally want to be installed, but also to see if it looks nice because that means it is made by someone who cares.

The detail page has a “docker pull” command, but it would be a quick help if you could see a “docker run” example command. It would both let you get started quick and let you consistently know what kind of parameters is needed to start this image.

It would even make it possible to run automated examples because the example command would be easy to get for systems.

That Docker Hub is searching images for vulnerabilities is awesome, but it is pretty far away, since you have to go in the Tags tab on the detail page. You generally want an image with no vulnerabilities, right?


The website does not have a simple <title>, that is basic website making 101!

The search results is only based on the short description, not the full description.

I would prefer to only use images from people that I trust, so just like can do, rank images from known sources or people I trust higher.

Not really necessary, but it is something to consider since some images can be in the high hundreds of megabytes, even seen images above 1GB!

If you have thought about more ideas to improve Docker Hub search, I would love to hear them in the comments below! 👍

If you agree with me, I would be very thankful for a ♥︎! Much appreciated!

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I really like building stuff with React.js and Docker and also Meetups ❤

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